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035 Competition elderly home, Chamoson, CH. 1st Prize

034 Villa renovation, Village-Neuf, FR

033 Competition Housing, Geneva, CH. Selected for 2 Phase (12/125)

032 Competition elderly home, Biel-Bienne, CH. 4th Prize

031 Competition elderly center, Bex, CH

030 Competition elderly center Bussigny, CH. Shortlisted

029 Competition elderly Center Gersau, CH. 2th Prize

028 Competition extension and renovation of Unterdorf´s school, Niederbuchsiten, CH. 3rd Prize

027 Redesign of the foyer of the community center Makly, Basel, CH

026 Competition elderly home, Siviriez, CH. 4th Prize

025 Competition elderly center Zur Rose, Reichenburg, CH. 1st Prize

024 Competition Swiss Pavilion Venice Biennale, IT

023 Competition elderly center Foundation Saphir, CH 

022 Concept design apartment renovation, Nice, France

021 Concept design House Renovation, Riehen, CH

020 Competition Event Hall, Aigle, CH 

019 Competition Elderly Center EMS Foundation La Cigale, CH. 4th Prize

018 Competition Elderly Center EMS Foundation Perceval, CH. 2nd Prize

017 Concept Design Apartment, St. Louis, France

016 Competition Kindergarten and Daycare, Renens, CH 

015 Competition School, Fribourg, CH

014 Competition Public Swimming Pool St. Prex, CH 

013 School for the Maya Tz'utujil Community, Guatemala (NGO Esperanza)

012 Competition Extension of  Hermandad de los Gitanos, Sevilla, Spain

011 Apartment Renovation, Madrid, Spain

010 Competition School Vaulruz, CH

009 Competition School Villars-sur-Glâne, CH

008 Competition School Granges-Paccot, CH

007 Competition School Lugnorre, CH

006 Earth and Bamboo Constructions, BaseHabitat, Austria

005 Competition Cafe Pavilion, Avilés, Spain 

004 Construction of a Private House, Palencia, Spain

003 Construction of a Residential Building, Burgos, Spain

002 Competition Social Housing Indasa, Burgos, Spain

001 Construction of Twelve Semi-detached Houses, Burgos, Spain

C05 Senior Architect at Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, CH

C04 Architect at Zurita Architects, New York, USA

C03 Architect at Federico Soriano Architectos, Madrid, Spain

C02 Architect at Estudio Lamela, Madrid, Spain

C01 Architect at BBPR Studio Belgiojoso, Milan, Italy


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