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018 Competition Elderly Center EMS La Maison du Jardin, St. Prex, CH

Co-author Carlos de Luxán

Open competition 2nd Prize

Gross Floor Area 2.700 m2

Client: Foundation Perceval

Image: Ikokora; Model: Pfister Modellbau

The proposal intends to do a smooth integration of the building in the cultural, architectural and landscape context of the Perceval Foundation. In parallel it achieves that the three required units are perceived as residencies where domestic conditions prevail. The main building is oriented along the Route de Lussy. The lounges open to the south and offer views of the utility and ornamental gardens, the lake and the mountains. 

The day center is a separate volume placed in the exact same location as the formerly existing workshops. The public areas are in direct relation to the other buildings of the complex at the East. This way the private spheres of the retirement home are protected. The main building creates a small indoor garden, which serves as the point of arrival and entrance where all the paths merge.


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