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014 Market Hall and Cow fight Arena Goler , CH

Co-author Anna Jach, Andrea Landell

Open Competition 

Client: Commune de Saint-Prex
Gross Floor Area 1.400 m2

Image: Playtime

Engineer Consulting: ZPF Ingenieure AG

The school complex is located in a residential context of isolated buildings and is clearly distinct from the surrounding urban fabric. Its importance will be strengthened by the construction of the new sport buildings.

The swimming hall settles in the upper north of the plot and places its entrance on the north-east facade in order to create a new lively “street” in between the 2 buildings.

In order to minimize its volume, the building splits in 2 parts according to their needed heights. The service programs are hosted in the concrete base and the swimming halls emerges as a wooden container. The entrance of light and the privacy have been considered key elements of this project.


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