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019 Competition Elderly Center EMS La Cigale, Lausanne, CH

Co-author Carlos de Luxán

Open Competition 4. Prize

Gross Floor Area 4.300 m2

Client: Le Marronnier Foundation

Image: Ikokora; Model: Pfister Modellbau

Facade Consultancy: Xmade

Engineer Consultancy: Rapp AG

We presented a very clear and functional volume, the layout of which is organized to precisely fit the requirements of the brief. It guarantees a good coexistence between the elderly, visitors and employees while at the same time it creates a homely atmosphere.

All public areas are arranged on the ground floor, in direct connection with the gardens and the forecourt. The private and semi-private rooms are located on the upper floors. In these levels several intimate areas are designed.  The feeling of community is strengthened through multiple cross views and paths.


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