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009 Competition École à Villars-sur-Glâne, Switzerland 

Co-author Cristina Balet

Competition Finished

Gross Floor Area: School 2000sqm, Daycare 220sqm, Sports Hall 1500sqm 

Client: Commune de Villars-sur-Glâne

Image: studiodlplus; Model: Pfister Modellbau

The proposal aims to create a new small urban center. The program is distributed in 3 small independent volumes so that it perfectly fits in  the scale of the urban context. The landscape design is focus on the new river promenade which reintegrates an old stream that is currently hidden. The proposal enhances crossed views towards the surrounding landscape from eveery point of the complex.

The concrete and wood facades create a transition from the urban to the rural enviroment. Specific elements are made of wood to create a cosier feeling. The buildings responds to the Minergie standards. Sun protection is achieved by means of adjustable wooden panels as well as integrated sun blinds and triple glazing.

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